It all comes together with Synchronicity.

It’s a bugbear of ours: those “design contest” sites where you can get a bunch of logos done and only pay for the “winner”. We understand: it’s the marketplace and good design is expensive. But would you do your job in competition with your coworkers, knowing only one of you would get paid?

To our minds, a good logo is like any other piece of marketing design: there has to be a strong idea behind it. You just don’t get that with spec work, and our friends at Synchronicity Technology Solutions agree.

Synchronicity is a team of consultants specialising in integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They chose their name with care, because it relates to their business: synchronicity means “simultaneous action, development or occurrence”.

If they put care into choosing their name, why would we put any less care into designing their logo?

We presented Synchronicity with a range of visuals representing the themes behind their brand. The final logo is a representation of three intertwined letter S shapes, using negative space to suggest connection and a centre focus to demonstrate various aspect of technology coming together.

Job done – properly!

“Thanks so much, we really appreciate it.”

Alex Brown, Synchronicity Technology Solutions Ltd