Repurposing content the right way.

In theory, it’s straightforward: a brief to distill a handful of brochures into two new ones.

You might think that’s a small job – just a matter of transplanting the pages. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple!

For one thing, the originals have different layouts. You don’t want the new brochures to look like Frankenstein’s monster.

Then there’s the incompatible formatting. Tables and headlines, subheadings and standfirsts: all applied differently in the originals.

The best approach is to treat it as an all-new project, and design it from the ground up.

Yes, it’s more time consuming. It requires more attention to detail. But when is cut-and-shut ever a good idea?

With a new design there’s an opportunity to create a sympathetic and consistent layout. A chance to reorganise the content to its best advantage, not just cobble it together.

A top-to-tail overhaul might be more fiddly, but it means you’re doing the job right.

“Amazing! These look perfect, thanks.”

Sarah Ayyub, Oxford Brookes University