Good writing and strong design make great ideas.

As a marketing professional, do you write or commission text to pass on to a designer? Or do you work on the text only when the visuals have been nailed down?

Text-led marketing can restrict design, but design-led projects run the risk of losing focus. You want to get the best of both, and that’s why we take a different approach to marketing design.

This brief from the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies (based at Oxford Brookes University) was for a brochure to promote their services to business, with equal emphasis on digital and print publishing.

We produced a range of visuals and headlines, with the tall concertina-folded leaflet going on to be the finished design. When it’s opened out, the colours on one side are pure printer’s inks: cyan, magenta, yellow and black, representing traditional printing; and the reverse is red, green and blue, showing the primary additive colours of digital displays.

“This looks fantastic! Thanks so much, you’ve done an amazing job.”

Mary Malin, Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies