How good design ensures vital information is read and understood.

Every marketing manager wants their target audience to pay attention to their publicity, but sometimes there’s a more compelling reason than getting sales – if you’re providing information on healthcare, for example.

We’ve done a few projects aimed at medical professionals for the Oxford Hernia Clinic, but their patient information booklet is something a bit different: a totally different target audience who appreciate a more personable, reassuring tone of voice.

The booklet explains the entire patient experience from the days before the operation to the end of the recovery period, including several do’s and don’ts along the way.

That’s a lot to take in, but it’s vital that it’s all read and understood by the patients. So we created a clear, uncluttered layout with frequent breaks in the text and box-outs.

The prospect of surgery can be worrying, so we’re happy that this booklet plays a small role in helping hernia patients on their road to recovery.

“It looks amazing, more than I was hoping for! We’re absolutely delighted.”

Vanessa Hayward, Oxford Hernia Clinic