Branding big and small.

Sometimes a marketer’s life is so hectic that it’s simply a case of getting stuff out the door as quickly as possible. Of course, that runs the risk of losing sight of the big picture.

We believe that the best marketing design is based on solid but adaptable ideas, and this is the approach we took to a project for the Music Department at Oxford Brookes University. Their brief for roller banners was “simple and striking”, which we combined with a catchy headline.

A few weeks later, there was a follow-up brief for a half-page ad in BBC Music Magazine, and more recently we completed a promotional brochure. We based both on the same initial idea and visual identity.

Some designers will treat each job as it comes, but not us. We keep an eye on the future, because you never know when your one-off job will become a campaign.

“I love it. It’s classy and just has that something about it.”

Harriet Strachan, Oxford Brookes University