How we helped a marketing team to keep their stakeholders happy.

Being a marketer can be a tough profession: even more so when your job is to represent a joint enterprise, with multiple professional partners to consider. You’re under pressure to deliver marketing projects that meet everyone’s needs.

The marketing office at the Oxfordshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team faced this issue when they needed a logo for the LASARS partnership. LASARS stands for the Local Area Single Assessment and Referral Service, a shared point of access for drug and alcohol treatment organisations in Oxfordshire.

Armed with a full brief, we got to work. Our winning idea used stylised arrows to represent multiple organisations coming together; and we developed it to create a cross in the negative space, representing medical aid.

Keeping all the stakeholders happy means less stress for our clients, which is good news all round.

“This looks great, thanks!”

Samantha Read, Oxfordshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team