Helping hands in Oxford.

If you’re a marketing manager reaching out to a new audience, you know somewhere along the way you’ll need to revamp your promotional material. This is especially true with publicity created for an in-house audience which you’re now re-purposing to suit an external one.

Now, any good designer will fulfil your brief. But a marketing designer will go one step further and give some creative thought to your overall message and brand.

When the in-house Hand Clinic at Oxford Brookes University opened its doors to the general public for the first time, our approach led to a stronger headline, more creative imagery and a versatile design that could be easily adapted to different sizes and media.

The Hand Clinic now has a whole series of ads based on this concept in different publications, and the clinic continues to build on its success.

“Thanks for suggesting a stronger headline – much appreciated.”

Susan Bouffler, Oxford Brookes University