New brand and new rules – on a tight deadline, naturally.

Any marketing manager will tell you that big projects like to come at you in groups. You think you’ve got it all under control, and then something else jumps out at you.

For example: a major conference coinciding with a major rebrand. Do you use the new-but-not-quite-complete brand or the existing-but-old-hat one for the conference materials?

The answer is to employ designers who are super-responsive and able to cope with moving goal posts, which is just what the clever folks at Defaqto did in this situation.

A 20-page delegate handbook and accompanying exhibition display, to be completed in one week, with a developing brand and conference speakers yet to be confirmed? Sure, why not.

When our clients have a lot on their plates, the last thing they need is a designer whinging about deadlines. We like to deliver solutions, not more problems. So crack on!

The end result is a smooth running event, engaged delegates and – most importantly – a happy marketing manager.

“Thanks for that – I’m happy!”

Adam Richards-Gray, Defaqto Ltd