“We weren’t sure of the best approach for our target audience, but Masked Man Design had a strong grasp of market requirements that was really useful.”

Rosemary Ostley
Faculty Marketing Officer, Oxford Brookes University


Defaqto is the UK’s foremost provider of financial information and ratings, with services built around the nation’s largest retail financial database.


Oxford Brookes is one of the UK’s top universities, established through teaching excellence, innovation and strong relationships with industry.


Oxford Hernia Clinic is a leading UK medical centre specialising in inguinal, umbilical and epigastric hernia surgery delivered by dedicated specialists.

S-Group is a marketing agency that focuses on employee engagement to enhance brands and increase profit, efficiency and productivity.

The University of Gloucestershire is a supportive community which treats every student as an individual to support their passions and goals.

William Reed is a prominent B2B media company, with award-winning expertise and global reach across grocery, retail, hospitality and pharmaceuticals.